Hi, I'm Dani, yoga instructor and founder of Unfurl Chair Yoga.

I stumbled across yoga in my late 20s and it immediately became my sanctuary from stress and overwhelm. There was a potency in the mind-body connection that I was drawn to, something I hadn't experienced in other movement modalities. It wasn't long before I was hooked and yearned to delve deeper into the practice.


Initially drawn to yoga for the work out, I soon discovered the 'inner' work or subtle practices to be truly life changing. I learnt the power of conscious breathing, a tool which helped me to manage and in many ways master the anxiety and panic attacks that I had experienced on and off for years. It felt empowering to finally have greater control over my mental and emotional wellbeing. 


In 2018 I completed a 350hr training through Yoga Space, Perth. Practical experience guiding older students led to a seed being planted and I felt called to extend yoga's reach beyond traditional studio and gym settings. In early 2021 I enrolled in a 34hr postgraduate PD training in Chair Yoga for General groups and Aged care/dementia to consolidate my learning in this field. I have been guiding chair yoga classes since 2019 and in that time have seen the interest in accessible yoga grow. My passion as a mindful movement educator is to make yoga available to people who cannot or choose not to attend a mat yoga practice.

In June 2021 my family and I moved to the beautiful Sunshine Coast and I look forward to establishing Chair Yoga classes here. In the meantime I am available for semi-private classes (I teach a group class in your home) or contract employment for one off or regular classes in assisted living centers and community settings.


"The heart of yoga is naturally accessbile because it connects us to our very own heart beating within our very own chest. We don't need to buy anything or get anything to experience yoga. We simply need to find a way to turn our attention inward." - Jivana Heyman (Accessible Yoga Founder)